How Dr. Morgana McCabe Allan Helped Anna Furu reach deeper levels of alignment and safety

The Client:

Anna Furu is a business and mindset coach who works with a focus on supporting high achieving and empathetic female coaches. She specialises in high ticket coaching and helping these types of coaches attract more aligned clients, create a consistent income, and build a soul led business that gives them true freedom and work-life balance. She has become renowned for her outstanding client results, her clients having collectively made over $2,8 million USD and reported amazing growth in confidence and alignment.

‘Morgana is like Merlin to King Arthur: the kings of old, they always had some kind of wizard with them who was the wise guide. I look at Morgana the same way; she’s your Merlin.’

Anna Furu

The Problem:

‘This was the hardest thing I’ve ever experienced in business.’

Issues emerged for Anna after she took time of during summer. She had had phenomenal success with launching her new mastermind in spring, but after taking time off (which all clients knew and received supplementary support for), it became clear that some of the clients she had signed were misaligned.

‘The problem was that when I took time off, which I do every year, the clients weren’t able to lead themselves: I had support coaches to help them and I had made individualised plans for each one of them, so they all knew what to do, but when I came back, everyone had some unprocessed trauma that had come up and some of them then projected onto me in very hurtful ways. I didn’t understand because I had been stepping over my own boundaries and had been giving more than what was in the contracts and still they were not happy. For me, as an empath, that was really traumatic and it retriggered old trauma, which was really hard. This was the hardest thing I’ve ever experienced in business. I also was shocked and confused that it happened in the mastermind with these more advanced clients, when the clients in my group program for newer coaches handled it without any complaints or issues. I couldn’t wrap my head around how these groups handled it so differently.’

Following this experience, Anna began to doubt her ability to support women in this sphere – imposter syndrome took hold of her:

‘I really thought, this is not going to happen to me, I’m past this. I’ve coached multiple clients through this exact process where they signed misaligned clients and had to deal with it. And again – I had been taking time off every summer and it had worked super well for my group program for newer coaches who never saw it as an issue. But I had been going through two years that had been very challenging personally and I had been really stressed out because of this. I wasn’t fully aware of how it had affected me, so the work we did was really deep, and it did take time. The most important breakthrough was realizing that I had signed clients who were in a victim mindset because I had been so stressed myself. When I realized this, Morgana helped me do both the internal work and the external strategy work to start attracting more aligned and self-led clients. External results took a couple of months, but the internal results came way earlier. My nervous system was super triggered so it took a couple of weeks, maybe a month or two, to help me calm down my nervous system and process the situation from the summer with the clients, which to me was huge.’

Initially, Anna chose to sign with Morgana as she felt straight away that Morgana’s coaching style and intuitive understanding offered her something tailored and unique that would allow her to regain the joy that she had lost in her business following this episode:

‘When I started working with Morgana, I was really struggling because I loved coaching, I loved my business, I loved my clients, but this episode had really drained me. What Morgana and I did together was that she helped me to deal with all the trauma that had been triggered and all the emotions and the fear. Morgana was able to speak my language; she understood what I was going through.’

The Solution:

‘I’ve invested $60,000 into mentorship and I haven’t gotten this kind of support anywhere else.’

From the beginning, Morgana’s clarity and perspective enabled Anna to challenge what she had come to accept as her fault –

‘It’s easy when something like this happens to just blame everything on yourself and think – I’m a horrible person, right? If someone says that to you, you think you are a bad person. It can be really tough. I’ve supported countless clients who have been highly empathetic too and given everything to their clients, but still attracted clients who weren’t aligned – it happens to every coach when you scale and it’s something I don’t think we talk about enough. Morgana helped me process and see this clearly, so I understood what was my part and what was not my part.’

Unpacking the problem and positing a shift in perspective, Morgana helped Anna to recover her confidence and realise that she did not have to change, she instead needed to release herself from the shame she was holding onto:

‘You always feel really supported and accepted for who you are. Morgana is phenomenal at making you realise that you need to move away from shame…She is really great at helping you peel away the shame and just see you as you are and love and accept that and then leverage and build your business around who you truly are, your whole beautiful self.’

Working with Anna to process what had happened and looking to avoid this outcome in future, Morgana further supported Anna to carefully reconsider and amend her messaging to attract the right clients at the right point in their journeys –

‘Morgana also helped me to come back into alignment and safety in myself and in my business. I was almost scared to find clients because I was afraid this was going to happen again. She helped me to clear that fear and realign myself and my messaging so that I would attract the right kind of people who were not in unprocessed trauma, who were not in a victim state. One of the biggest things she helped me realise was that I had been marketing to victims – which was not intentional of course – but she helped me navigate to more empowered clients.’

Utilising guided meditation, hypnosis and EFT alongside more traditional business coaching allowed Anna to do the deeper inner work that she needed to get back into alignment with her business and herself:

‘I love when Morgana does hypnosis or guided meditation, because those were my biggest breakthrough moments: when she was guiding me directly, I had really cool, mind-blowing breakthroughs. I’ve done hypnotherapy before, and I have never experienced anything like that. It was also amazing to do EFT with Jenny; her team, modules and courses that you get access to are just absolutely amazing as well. A lot of what Morgana does is to help you integrate different parts of you that you might have pushed down or pushed away, because that’s the key to success right? That was really key for me because a lot of us high achieving women, we’ve learned to push down our feelings and not listen to what feels uncomfortable or actually a little bit scary. We’ve learned to just push ahead and do it anyway. So Morgana really helped me to listen to this and get back in touch with my intuition and let it guide me in my business more.’

Anna noted that working with Morgana was different from her previous coaching experiences and it was these unique factors that really helped her recover and move to the next level with her business:

‘Not a lot of mindset coaches have as vast knowledge as Morgana has and she also has a successful business herself, which is built on the principles she teaches. I really resonated with that and also the fact that she is very genuine and nurturing. The thing that I really love about Morgana is that she’s not like a business coach, she’s able to help you from a psychological perspective because she has such vast understanding of the inner work and the energetics and the psychology behind it…I’ve invested in invested $60,000 into mentorship and I haven’t gotten this kind of support anywhere else.’

The range of tools they employed together enabled Anna to break out of cycles of shame, dispel imposter syndrome and recover joy, ease and intuition within her business, but it was the knowledge that she had Morgana on this journey with her that really stood out for Anna as pivotal to her success –

‘I want to say having Morgana on chat support, having her in my back pocket and being able to bounce things off with her is invaluable. I think of Morgana like Merlin to King Arthur: the kings of old, they always had some kind of wizard with them who was the wise guide. I look at Morgana the same way, she’s your Merlin.’

The Results:

‘I know the seeds that have been sown in my work with her are going to bear fruit now and for a long time going forward.’

The wins that Anna achieved during their time working together were huge and mainly founded upon Anna reconnecting with and building upon what made her business great in the first place –

‘The work I did with Morgana really helped me to take it to a new and deeper level of realising that I’m safe: I do not have to hurry, I have no competition, I don’t have to worry. I am in a good place; I’m taken care of. Maybe the most valuable thing Morgana helped me to do was really connect my business and my intuition.’

Morgana’s advice, support and guidance helped Anna amended her business practice that was draining her and recover balance in her work and life by leading with trust and ensuring she was working with the right clients at the right point on their journeys:

‘Before I worked with Morgana, I was super co-dependent and I felt really stressed about being responsible – feeling I had to make my clients results. Whereas now, I trust my clients. I look at them as capable, empowered leaders, which they are, and I know that my role is to be there as a guide for them and hold space for them. And I no longer feel like I have to sustain that kind of energy which is amazing.’

Contemplating potential clients that would benefit as much as she did from working with Morgana, Anna explains,

‘She has a broad register. You can be a new coach or entrepreneur and work with her and you’ll get great value. But if you’re not new and you know the strategy and you’re ready for more, I think that’s the perfect place to work with her because she’ll be able to help you step through your marketing strategies/ offers and really find what’s truly aligned for you. In my case, I knew all the strategy, I just needed help from someone who could see it both from my perspective and from my clients’ perspective and help me to see what wasn’t and what was aligned from a soul perspective.’

Their work together ultimately empowered Anna to change how she operated in her business, trading hustle and fear and for safety and trust. Anna feels confident that this realignment will pave the way to even greater success both financially and beyond for her in the future –

‘My business has changed not on the outside, but on the inside, which is of course the most important thing. I have the same offers as when I started working with Morgana (because I love those offers), but what she helped me do was to move from a place of fear and hustle into a place of trust and alignment and feeling safe in my business…I know the seeds that have been sown in my work with her are going to bear fruit now and for a long time going forward.’

In all, Morgana’s coaching was transformative for Anna both personally and professionally as uncovering truths that she wasn’t previously aware of, foregrounding her intuition and trusting in herself again allowed her to move to a place of joy, freedom and ease within her business.
As Anna demonstrates, this change is truly inspiring –

‘Previously, I’d wake up, I’d be fear based. Today I wake up, I tune in with myself, my higher self and I take it easier, I take it slower because I don’t feel that pressure anymore. I don’t do things anymore just because I feel like I have to, or I should. I do it because it’s actually aligned – I get intuitive guidance to do it. Morgana talks about aligned action and listening to your intuition, that has made a huge difference for me. I have more joy in my day and I get so much more joy out of my work because I love what I do as a coach, I have always done, but the fear, the comparison dilute that joy and it turns into a ‘have to.’ Working with Morgana has changed this because I feel like it’s a privilege again: it’s fun, it’s like joy, it’s play.’

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How Dr. Morgana McCabe Allan Helped Anusha Arulvel free herself of guilt and blame

How Dr. Morgana McCabe Allan Helped Anusha Arulvel free herself of guilt and blame

Working with Morgana offered Anusha something that she didn’t know she needed but she soon recognised that having support – and Morgana in her corner – at pivotal moments in her journey enabled her to thrive:

With all of the uplevels Anusha was experiencing, Morgana’s interdisciplinary approach incorporating mindset and inner healing, was exactly what she needed:

Dreaming Big, Finding your Hive and Leveling Up: How Dr Morgana McCabe Allan helped Michelle Crowder-Soellner recognise her worth and build her confidence to make connections which  transformed her business, multiplied her clients and increased her revenue.

Dreaming Big, Finding your Hive and Leveling Up: How Dr Morgana McCabe Allan helped Michelle Crowder-Soellner recognise her worth and build her confidence to make connections which  transformed her business, multiplied her clients and increased her revenue.

Michelle was just starting out in the online world with her copywriting business relatively embryonic when she met Morgana. She wasn’t charging a lot for her services and didn’t have the confidence to recognise the wealth of amazing experience and expertise she was offering to potential clients.

“I’m sharing a win, I made more money this week in my business than on any other offer last year. And it was so easy. This money river is flowing today! I’m only $700 away from hitting my new monthly goal and it’s only the 2nd of the month!”

Elena Saxton

Coach for Artisans

Morgana McCabe Allan is incredibly wise yet personable, revolutionary yet relational, and I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to be coached through mindset calls with her. I will be hearing her words in my head for years to come!

Danielle Bettmann

Host of Failing Motherhood Podcast

“I signed my first client!! {…} I showed up on the call fully present, gave her everything I could and I told her I want to offer her a 3 month package where I will honour the free sessions I had posted about within the price point. And she signed up! 🙂 “