Hi, lovely.

I’m so happy to see you.

If you don’t already know me, I’m Dr. Morgana and I help frustrated  entrepreneurs who are ready to fall in love with themselves to become their own best soul guide, implementer, healer and strategist, so that they can get out of their own way in the path to success.



living in your truth, with abundance you can feel in your body,  serving soulmate clients on a higher level, raising your prices, getting fully booked, AND swapping the hustling for a calm, relaxed glow people will genuinely stop and notice.


procrasti-fectionist, imposter-syndrome-fuelled over-functioning and over-giving that feels like it could wear you into the ground.

Hello living in your truth, with abundance you can feel in your body,  serving soulmate clients on a higher level, raising your prices, getting fully booked, AND swapping the hustling for a calm, relaxed glow people will genuinely stop and notice.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in life and through my studies, it’s that feeling outside touches us all.  

Dichotomies and intersectionalities weave through us, artefacts of the  betweennesses and outsides to our cultures. Like many, my difference is often invisible on the outside; invisible disability; invisible black heritage; bisexual in a hetero-presenting marriage; a multiple trauma survivor. But it is never absent. 

From societal structures to our families and culture and the echoes of history. In every moment that we interact with the world – whether it’s a person, place, animal, thing, idea, whatever – we co-create emotions, thoughts, beliefs, ideas, patterns and relationships. 

These, in turn, shape who we are and how we show up in the world. Everything is connected, a complex web of who we are, what we are, and why we are.

The question to ask is,

‘are the things that are holding you back real?’


And the answer is, yes. And no.

They’re artefacts of our co-creation with the world. Like a museum curator, we can take those artefacts and create a new narrative that allows us to do something incredible with our lives.

You contain multitudes – generational memories, traumas that are nestled deep, a lonely inner child, a fairy with magic in her fingertips, a powerful woman capable beyond her imagining.

But that parliament in your brain is often at odds and can keep you rooted in the same old patterns that stop you from moving towards what is truly new and also deeply, intimately, always, already YOU.


I work with business owners

who have created success but aren’t sure how to take the next steps.

You have a pocket full

(maybe even a container ship full) of strategies and tools but nothing seems to fit together. To fit you. You’re not sure how to take your business forward. 

And, many times, you’re not sure how to piece together your multitudes, how to hold them, love them, and grow them into something that serves your purpose, vision, and life, instead of resisting them. 

If that is your experience, you are not alone. And I see you. So clearly. 

My invitation to you is to explore your multitudes. To tell your true stories. 

And that often takes a magic mirror. 

Or a great friend and mentor who can be a magic mirror. And who is willing to get to know all the voices, and love them all.

Especially the ones you think nobody could ever love. Especially the ones who are afraid. 

It is my honour to be your mentor on this journey. 


After all, who better to guide you through the in-betweens of your own business fairytale and personal becoming than a former stripper turned Ph.D., with a lifetime of business and spiritual lessons to draw on?


Want the short version of how I got here?


When I was a born, I was supposed to be called Jennifer.

For some reason, unknown to this day by any but him, my dad decided on the way to register me, that Morgana (that’s after the witch half-sister/lover of Arthur of Excalibur and Round Table fame) was a MUCH better name.

My mum cried, and thought about leaving him.

On day two… Only kidding. Let’s skip to the good part!

Call it nominal determinism, or destiny, manifesting, but I wound up doing a Ph.D that explored the hidden stories of women’s identities, spirituality and the experience of being in the world. How we make our reality in co-creation with everything we interact with, from thoughts and beliefs, to behaviours and emotions, to things, people, animals, places, ideas, social constructs, non-corporeal entities and more.

Essentially, it’s feminine-informed mindset and manifesting in the material-spiritual world.

Early in the Ph.D my manifesting was on fire!


A husband, a house, research grants, jobs, international conference opportunities, you name it. Then I had my first child. His birth was such a blessing after years of endometriosis, but in misplaced overwhelm, I temporarily lost the best parts of myself.

That intuitive, passionate, purposeful person left, and in her place was who I thought I “should” be now. 

I loved working with 100s of undergraduates, postgraduates and collaborating with lecturers from around the world, but each time my professional success grew, the dubious work/life balance, competitive, masculine values and leadership environment got heavier and heavier. I really hated my “should” dream life!

I started my business

while I was pregnant with my third child and only daughter, Meribelle. 


I felt compelled to be a different kind of influence in the world. Throughout my years of research, I saw time and time again how this world was made for affluent, able-bodied, cis-het, neurotypical, white men – from the shape of life jackets and seatbelts to the way Hollywood creates characters –  and how poorly it fits even them. Patriarchy is toxic for virtually all of us, and endemic in the structures and entities of contemporary culture. 

And I knew that it had to be different… I had to be different… for her. For children everywhere. They deserve to inherit a better world. We deserve a better world right now too! A world where my daughter could say no to anything; be and do and have anything. A world of powerful women and female leaders. Where that’s normal. 

I deeply felt that it was my calling to not just have conversations but help women (and men) create the businesses that will lead this future. She was 7 months old when my husband became primary caregiver and my business shifted from second income to changemaking.

When we work together,

you’ll become part of a generation of radically whole entrepreneurs who integrate the feminine and masculine to serve from a place of joy through co-creation with the universe.

And in that world, we work through the huge patterns of trauma that define and shape our societies. In that world, we do meaningful work in full service and create magical, connected, impactful, wealthy businesses with freedom, joy, and ease. 

Uplevel your businesses and life using your own unique blend of the research, tools, methods and mindset shifts that have changed my life and hundreds of others. Discover the hidden stories of you, bringing safety, belonging and significance back into your body, heart, mind and soul. 

Bring in simple, elegant strategies into your business for abundance you can feel on all levels, in business and beyond, helping you to attract your soul community through self-connection, purpose and aligned action. 

Increase your impact and income, and expand your capacity to witness yourself, be yourself and to experience a more joy-fuelled, abundant and purposeful life.

My clients are already experiencing incredible transformations.


After our work together, they’ve done amazing things like . . .

  • 6x her income
  • Manifesting lump sums from $10k to $1M
  • Growing her FB group by 800% in the time we worked together
  • Growing an organic, highly targeted super fan audience of over 30k in 6 followers in months
  • Getting consistently fully booked with dream clients
  • Selling $17k before her program even launched
  • Doubling her income
  • Manifesting her dream home
  • Launching a group program that felt really aligned
  • Increasing her leads by 400% in three months
  • Grow and audience of over 30,000 in under 6 monthsRaise her rates 5 times in 6 months – whilst getting fully booked

The most important for all of them is who they get to be in the world, in their businesses, relationships, and within.

You can check out more of their stories and read about other clients’ amazing results here. Fair warning – you’ll be inspired! 

And if you already know this is meant for you, and that I could be the one to partner with you through expansion and change, apply here to find out more about about working together 1:1 or in a group setting.




“You  are  a  gift  to  the  universe,  but  a  package  is  only  valuable  if  it  allows  itself  to  be  unwrapped.”

-Matshona Dhliwayo

Morgana McCabe Allan is the most amazing business mentor I have ever had the privilege to work with. She has an incredible depth of knowledge, experience and an incredible support team. Her business model to create a six plus figure business stresses quality over quantity. This approach is very important to me as am not interested in the high pressure, bullying, click funnel approach that I have seen with other business mentors. Morgana meets you wherever you are in your process with a plan, support and positivity to get you to the next phase.

Liz O'Gorman


I joined Morgana‘s Mentoring Program as a First time business founder and am deeply grateful for the incredible support she has offered me throughout the start of my business journey. Working with Morgana has enabled me to build an energetic container to hold my business and myself with courage and consistency. With her I have done things I never thought I could, such as consistently showing up on social media and actually embracing marketing as a masterful skill that anyone can learn who is passionate about their work. Morgana was truly there for me with practical, emotional and creative support on every step of the way. She’s a lucky find in this industry, a genuine soul deeply committed to a feminine and liberated way of doing business.

Anna Lutz

Coach & Energy Healer

I found so much wholeness in myself, in my relationships and my happiness. And out of it was born a beautiful business. And it hasn’t even been a year yet. And I fivexed my revenue. I have consistent sales. I’m overly fully booked with one to one with the most beautiful clients. And one of the things that I think is so important is I have clarity. after all the healing that we did created this beautiful business that it could not be more perfect for me. It’s everything. It’s using my story, my journey, and, I mean, I attract clients so effortlessly. There are now dream clients that come forward, and it’s everything.


Your inner self 

KNOWS what you are here to do.

She just needs you to lean into listening to her. To start trusting. To invest real time and energy into becoming YOU, with all your wild and fire, and love and desire, because the world needs the very best of what you have to offer.

Case Study - Clare Sente

Shame was crippling Clare’s business.


It took years for Clare to discover her purpose in life was to help women learn to love themselves and experience pleasure. Despite that calling she faced huge obstacles – a car wreck, a divorce, enormous credit card debt, COVID lockdowns, and losing her house – Clare knew she had to make her business work.

Morgana helped Clare identify exactly where her shame came from and how to release it. She showed Clare how to identify limiting beliefs and money mindset struggles and overcome them. After their work together, Clare was able to:


  • Release the shame holding her back
  • Create, launch, and fill a brand new program
  • Manifest $39,000 in a day
  • Have the best year in business ever
I saw a family friend the other day and she was like wow, you seem so different, so happy and relaxed and just glowing. And I immediately thought, that’s how Rachel seemed to me after her first month with you and exactly why I decided to work with you! <3
Marissa Waite

Marissa Waite Creative

Everything flows so much easier. I no longer have to do sales calls because they just feel so natural and my business is at the next level, so I’m really happy that I made the decision to work with her.
Gina Miller

Gina Fit Madrid

Hands down the best results I’ve ever gotten with a mentor has been working with Dr Morgana McCabe Allan. I’ve made more progress in my business in just 4 months working with her than I have in the last 6 years.

Malinda Watt

Web Designer

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