Your dream impact and income.

Your way. 
With joy, freedom and ease.

Are you ready for…

soul-aligned impact and income, and a relaxed glow people compliment you on?


You’ve tried one or two (or five+) strategies, but never seen the game-changing results they promised?

And you’re starting to think the reason it’s nor happening for you is…you?

Lovely, abundance is exactly what you’re here to birth and receive in this world.

It’s waiting for the version of you who’s ready to meet that future fully, without fear, shame or reservation, with all of your being.

You know your life is too precious to live in your own shadow.

You’re ready to do your best work, for your soulmate clients, for real money, and to create a life of impact and income, with joy, freedom and ease.


You know you were meant for success.

Hello Lovely,

I see you, dreaming of changing amazing lives, with an offering that impacts your soulmate client’s relationship with themselves, their business or the world. One that helps change the paradigm, not just the moment, and attracts soul-mate clients to you with ease!

In that dream you’re traveling, softening into life, donating outrageously generous cheques, giving back time, and helping real people. You’re living a meaningful life; making an impact; a courageous heart leader.

You’ve shed the flightless caterpillar years, and you’re comfortable and confident being the butterfly you were born to be. No more procrasti-learning, perfectionist busy work, people pleasing or self-sabotage.

Just you, looking into your own soul and witnessing your potential. Sharing the miracles the universe creates as you, a singular expression of itself that will never be again.

Between here and there is learning to say the right yeses and the right nos. Embracing success that comes by embodying softer, feminine principles of being in the world. Releasing the cultural obsession with doing and the punishing regime of goals.

You’re ready to believe that as you move towards yourself, so does everything else. Money flows easily to you, and your capacity to receive it grows bigger and bigger every day.

Right now you’re in the between. Reaching for a new way of being. Being pulled back into money fears and imposter syndrome.

I know how hard it is, in that moment, facing the line between the feeling of being woven into a life lived to someone else’s standards, and the freedom of all your dreams.

Some call it the dark night of the soul when they face themselves. It feels like a curse, but it’s a blessing. The place where we meet ourselves. The awakening. The point of truth.

The truth is the western world was not made to fit everybody, leaving so many of us deeply, invisibly wounded by constructs that tell us we’re not made of the “right” stuff.

The result is surviving rather than thriving, and working hard just to be fully present, seeing possibility all around you but never quite touching it.

Turning back, instead of moving towards yourself, fearing you may find she’s too much, this inner you. Or not enough. Or that nobody wants her.

Now you can’t turn back again. You’re done with your own BS and everybody elses.

It’s time to make a mark on the world that ripples through all of us and says “you’re worthy of all of it, exactly as you are.”

And you’re so done with the race to “catch up” on where you think you should be.

You’re ready to just be there.

If you’re anything like my clients and I were, your first (second and third) move was to invest in courses, classes and business mentors.

And something is still missing. After the magic of each wave of expansion, the perfectionism, procrastination, people pleasing, imposter syndrome are somehow still in the mix, right? They may even be getting bigger.

Those investments taught you skills, but they couldn’t guide you through inhabiting yourself and being with your wounded parts and your hidden greatness.

Even many spiritual courses cannot, they’re constructed from within the paradigm; they don’t know what they don’t know.

Deep down, you know strategies don’t work alone – they only amplify what you can see. To go bigger, you have to go into the unseen; to remember what’s been hiding within.

And you know you need a different kind of help to do so.

Reality and identity are made in the journey, not at the destination. That means wherever you are, whether you’re on day one or ten years in, you’re ready now – you always were. You, your intuition, your purpose AND your business can, at last, grow harmoniously together.

I can’t wait to be
your guide x

Morgana McCabe Allan is the most amazing business mentor I have ever had the privilege to work with. She has an incredible depth of knowledge, experience and an incredible support team. Her business model to create a six plus figure business stresses quality over quantity. This approach is very important to me as am not interested in the high pressure, bullying, click funnel approach that I have seen with other business mentors. Morgana meets you wherever you are in your process with a plan, support and positivity to get you to the next phase.

Liz O'Gorman


I joined Morgana‘s mentoring Program as a First time business founder and am deeply grateful for the incredible support she has offered me throughout the start of my business journey. Working with Morgana has enabled me to build an energetic container to hold my business and myself with courage and consistency. With her I have done things I never thought I could, such as consistently showing up on social media and actually embracing marketing as a masterful skill that anyone can learn who is passionate about their work. Morgana was truly there for me with practical, emotional and creative support on every step of the way. She’s a lucky find in this industry, a genuine soul deeply committed to a feminine and liberated way of doing business.

Anna Lutz

Coach & Energy Healer

I found so much wholeness in myself, in my relationships and my happiness. And out of it was born a beautiful business. And it hasn’t even been a year yet. And I fivexed my revenue. I have consistent sales. I’m overly fully booked with one to one with the most beautiful clients. And one of the things that I think is so important is I have clarity. after all the healing that we did created this beautiful business that it could not be more perfect for me. It’s everything. It’s using my story, my journey, and, I mean, I attract clients so effortlessly. There are now dream clients that come forward, and it’s everything.


How Morgana helped Elena Saxton double her income, launch an aligned group program, own her success, and slay her inner doubts



Bring safety and trust into your being by Unbecoming – disentangling from societal norms and social constructs that block your higher consciousness and deepening your commitment to be whole in your relationship with yourself. This is essential to wholeness in relationship with others, and in creating abundance. Learn to listen to your intuitive wisdom so that you can see your own capacity, stay in integrity with the bright light you are here to be, and take magical, inspired actions.


Joy, Freedom, & Ease Blueprint

Release shame and fear, and discover your personal path to success through connected belonging with your whole being. Gently learn to open the portals that make abundance possible – belonging, significance, freedom, self-love, and joy through awareness of what you are co-creating within each embodied moment and how it impacts the materiality of your reality and identity. Simply and powerfully clarify your way of being in the world, giving yourself back time, energy and money.


Creative Courage

Learn to traverse the ‘dark night of the soul’ each time you expand through inner work, as you rewire your reality and heal your timeline in relationship with past, present and future constructs like the feminine, family and money. Understand your unique self-sabotage patterns on the deepest level and step courageously into your worthiness, so you can connect with soulmate clients, co-create your best offer, sell with confidence, and expand your courage to serve and receive in balance.


Empowered Strategy

Once you are in tune with yourself at the level of soul, body and heart, aligned strategy brings the power of the mind into action to amplify it all. Experience the flow and ease of feminine informed work that takes a fraction of the time you’d expect as things manifest without friction. This is where the business pieces really come into play for income results you’ll love, starting with the simplest, most universal and enduring business tool of all – real heart-to-heart relationships.


Manifest your Soul Community

Learn to bring it all together and secure your new uplevel through building relationships with the people, places, ideas, emotions and actions (and more) that build your confidence, community and the contribution that matters to you. Through embodying the ongoing practice of being you and sharing your genius with the world, see your momentum grow. Attract impact and income with joy, freedom and ease, as people fall in love with your work and share it with the world with you.

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.

-E.E. Cummings

I saw a family friend the other day and she was like wow, you seem so different, so happy and relaxed and just glowing. And I immediately thought, that’s how Rachel seemed to me after her first month with you and exactly why I decided to work with you! <3
Marissa Waite

Marissa Waite Creative

Everything flows so much easier. I no longer have to do sales calls because they just feel so natural and my business is at the next level, so I’m really happy that I made the decision to work with her.
Gina Miller

Gina Fit Madrid

Hands down the best results I’ve ever gotten with a mentor has been working with Dr Morgana McCabe Allan. I’ve made more progress in my business in just 4 months working with her than I have in the last 6 years.

Malinda Watt

Web Designer

Case Study - Clare Sente

Shame was crippling Clare’s business.


It took years for Clare to discover her purpose in life was to help women learn to love themselves and experience pleasure. Despite that calling she faced huge obstacles – a car wreck, a divorce, enormous credit card debt, COVID lockdowns, and losing her house – Clare knew she had to make her business work.

Morgana helped Clare identify exactly where her shame came from and how to release it. She showed Clare how to identify limiting beliefs and money mindset struggles and overcome them. After their work together, Clare was able to:


  • Release the shame holding her back
  • Create, launch, and fill a brand new program
  • Manifest $39,000 in a day
  • Have the best year in business ever

Rebel spirits

Heart leaders

Legacy impact