Dr. Morgana McCabe Allan

graduated her undergraduate and masters degrees with award winning and award nominated early research, before going on to a world class, interdisciplinary Ph.D on how our identities and realities are co-created with all of the people, places, things, emotions, social constructs, non-corporeal entities, beliefs, animals, ideas (and more) that we interact with (and the absence of those things).

Her work centres around

the construction of the feminine through early modern and into contemporary culture, and how our reality reinforces shame, fear and masculine-informed ways of being and doing over time, through the way we perceive, measure, interpret and engage with what we experience as reality.

She’s a pioneer both in how we disrupt the invisible framework of our collective reality and create new pathways to being and understanding in the world, and in how we restore wholeness to the way we perceive and engage with others and the world, and therefore ourselves, through witnessing the matrix of our individual and collective experiences of being and making intentional changes to how we co-create (and with what) in the world.  

Her studies, professional work, mentoring practice and personal experience centres being present to the relationship with trauma and healing, fear and love, focusing on the lived experiences (past and present) of women, children, the BIPOC community, LGBTQ community, experiences of neurodiversity and disability, and the experience of being outside of the accepted religious paradigm. Beyond academia, one of her roles was in specialist case working, assisting with compensation claims for victims of Britain’s most violent crimes, and before having children she volunteered as a Red Cross community journalist (Scotland) working with refugees and asylum seekers.

She is the original founder of Love Archaeology,

a love leadership project that promoted change in her home university and beyond, by reconnecting people to the profound importance of subjects that contribute to our understanding of being in the world through time. Rapidly achieving an audience in 39 countries, and selling merchandise in 27 countries, Love Archaeology demonstrated how creating a love-focused network of positively connected people, places, things and ideas (etc) can create a quantum leap. 

With Love Archaeology ongoing, editing and writing for a number of journals, teaching in the university and contributing internationally to knowledge through many conference presentations, and two pregnancies and young children in tow, her work hours came under very tight constraints. She credits this necessity as the foundation of embracing the feminine and becoming increasingly creative, pioneering and disruptive. Her PhD was awarded the highest possible pass by the University of Glasgow in December 2016, in recognition of the extent to which Morgana opened up new theory, methodology, practice, presentation and research areas of high interdisciplinary value.

She remains eternally grateful

to the Carnegie Trust for Universities in Scotland, who contributed the vast majority of the £100,000 that supported her studies, and positioned her to positively impact her field and beyond. Her own students, who she guided to ask new questions and break down what they considered “real” to see the extent to which everything is subjective and interpretative, facilitating their creative, intellectual and personal expansion. International attendees at dozens of conferences, and journal audiences. And a true highlight for her that would shape her ongoing work: supporting many postgraduates in stepping into their higher path, embracing their unique voice, passion and purpose, and overcoming their imposter syndrome, perfectionism and procrastination through workshops and 1:1 mentoring.

During her research years, Morgana also served as a panel member in the ScARF national consultation on the modern world. This was essentially a think tank where she worked alongside 10 experts at the top of their fields, a time of equally immense growth and imposter syndrome for her. Together they dismantled the origins of contemporary individualism to question it’s antiquity and utility, exploring how we can better understand ourselves as part of a relational narrative that extends back into the past. In particular, the Reformation, slave trade, Enlightenment, agricultural and industrial revolutions, shifting educational and economic paradigms, and war were explored. Highlighting how our collective pasts contribute to the beings we now are, in our situated, unique and at the same time patterned material contexts, the group identified areas of future research interest.

In addition to an exceptional academic performance, Morgana has many years of business experience. She made her first independent money aged just three (a movie role) before starting in her mum’s business at age 7 and embarking on her own first business idea at age 8, breeding pets and selling them to local pet shops from age 8-14. She secured her first job as a deputy manager in a shop at age 16, and was making national impacts on a retail chain of 250+ stores by 18. Throughout her 20s she was founder/co-founder of several other businesses, one of which went on to become the foundation of the British Burlesque movement.

Morgana McCabe Allan is the most amazing business mentor I have ever had the privilege to work with. She has an incredible depth of knowledge, experience and an incredible support team. Her business model to create a six plus figure business stresses quality over quantity. This approach is very important to me as am not interested in the high pressure, bullying, click funnel approach that I have seen with other business mentors. Morgana meets you wherever you are in your process with a plan, support and positivity to get you to the next phase.

Liz O'Gorman


I joined Morgana‘s Mentoring Program as a First time business founder and am deeply grateful for the incredible support she has offered me throughout the start of my business journey. Working with Morgana has enabled me to build an energetic container to hold my business and myself with courage and consistency. With her I have done things I never thought I could, such as consistently showing up on social media and actually embracing marketing as a masterful skill that anyone can learn who is passionate about their work. Morgana was truly there for me with practical, emotional and creative support on every step of the way. She’s a lucky find in this industry, a genuine soul deeply committed to a feminine and liberated way of doing business.

Anna Lutz

Coach & Energy Healer

I found so much wholeness in myself, in my relationships and my happiness. And out of it was born a beautiful business. And it hasn’t even been a year yet. And I fivexed my revenue. I have consistent sales. I’m overly fully booked with one to one with the most beautiful clients. And one of the things that I think is so important is I have clarity. after all the healing that we did created this beautiful business that it could not be more perfect for me. It’s everything. It’s using my story, my journey, and, I mean, I attract clients so effortlessly. There are now dream clients that come forward, and it’s everything.