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“I saw a family friend the other day and she was like wow, you seem so different, so happy and relaxed and just glowing. And I immediately thought, that’s how Rachel seemed to me after her first month with you and exactly why I decided to work with you! <3”

Marissa Waite

Marissa Waite Creative

“I’m just watching ‘this is your time’. It’s taking me ages because I’m taking so many notes. On the one about the panopticon at the moment. Soooooo interesting.”

Katrina Lear

Freckle + Hide

“Hands down the best results I’ve ever gotten with a coach has been working with Dr Morgana McCabe Allan. I’ve made more progress in my business in just 4 months working with her than I have in the last 6 years.”

Malinda Watt

Web Designer

How Dr. Morgana McCabe Allan Helped Laura Stronach Adams 6x Her Income And Manifest Her Dream Business