Business Success & Scarcity in the Body

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Scarcity in your being isn’t always caused by your mindset.

It’s deeply connected to physical health too. And to your monthly cycle.

After ovulation, as your body begins to do the work of depletion, it’s incredibly common to feel scarcity in your body – even though you won’t necessarily recognise it was that.

For example
– finding noises more annoying than usual
– not wanting so much physical contact
– feeling like people are asking too much
– not having as much energy
– needing more time to yourself

By the time you get to shark week, this can have heightened significantly.

But instead of recognising this for what it is, most of us brush right past it. We stuff down our feelings and push through because we have to be “consistent”…after all, that’s what we’ve been conditioned into since childhood.

When you do that, you’re robbing yourself of your best energy for the whole next month, because you’re going into the new cycle, the time when your body has building to do, with nothing spare to give. Instead of being rested and ready for action, you’re another step closer to burnout without even realising it.

Even knowing all of this, ever day I still have a few days where nasty visitors stop by, like
– the “I can’t do its”
– the “it’s not workings”
– the “there’s something wrong with mes”
– the “feeling stupid and frustrateds”
– the “feeling sick and tired of it alls”
– the “I’n not enoughs”
– the “I can’t cope on my owns”

But I’m ok, because I always know none of it’s real. It’s all down to the scarcity in my body.


Scarcity in the body creates negative thought patterns. It’s not just created by them.

Same when you’re coming down with a cold (or worse) or when you’ve got a longer term physical illness ruminating on your body. It can even happen when you’re hungry! And of course, when any other physical need is consistently not being met, e.g. physical affection too.

Your body’s needs not being, or being greater than usual due to your cycle or illness, fosters feelings of lack and unsupportedness that deeply cuts into whatever you’re creating if you believe those feelings are “real” and let them into your reality and identity.

However, the more you become someone who understands what your body is really saying and takes action from a place of meeting your own needs, the less the “thoughts” associated with scarcity impact you negatively.

They cease to be experienced as truths (we really do need to unlearn believing the bad things the brain says), and start to be experienced as messages.

Messages that say things like
– you need better food
– you need time away, just for yourself
– you need to make more space for joy
– stop giving to this person already
– also, stop giving so much to everyone
– start going to bed earlier
– take more time off
– have a nap, eat the cake, then read a book
– take a bath, then a walk in the park, grab your journal, and let’s figure this out

We need to be talking about THIS side of building a business.


Because without this side, it’s impossible to feel the mooney, no matter how much of it comes in.

How could you, when your whole system and the life you’ve build around it, is continually asking too much of you and leaving you with feelings of scarcity, lack, and ongoing depletion?

A business that works is one that feels abundant all the time, not because of the numbers coming in, but because it LOOKS AFTER AND SUPPORTS YOU.

Most people I see (even with big businesses) have grown by looking after the supporting their business to the detriment of their physical health and everything else.
So I’m proposing something…

Recently, i’ve not taken the best care of myself. But in my case it was because of a very serious, negative experience our family is still navigating (an attempted SA on our 4 year old and battery of our 9 year old within 48 hours).

I’ve navigated it crazily well, especially as a childhood victim myself (I’ve done a tonne of work on that and I have a lot of tools), but even still, with the additional needs of everyone at home, both my husband and I did
– stop making time for exercise
– eat a lot of crap and gain a lot of weight
– stay up way too late, even though the kids weren’t sleeping through

It created a feedback loop just like the monthly one above – although mine started with thoughts/feelings, once the lack was in my body, that created new additional thoughts and feelings, and so it goes.

Now in heart, mind and soul, I feel like I’m back and bigger than ever. And in habits too. But the body… it’s slower to bounce back. It’s holding onto the armour it created to weather this storm. Actually technically, it is “bigger than ever” but not in a good way…

So I’m going to share the journey of getting it all back-to-best-and-beyond. From one of the worst incidents of my life as a parent to absolute abundance in my body ❤

Because getting your manifesting mojo back to an 888 out of 10 is as much of the body as it is of any other part of you – it’s all one system, fully interconnected.

I’ll share some of my very favourite practices and how I fit them into my life and business naturally.

If you’ve been experiencing lack recently, whether you feel it’s what’s typically called “mindset” or after illness, or for any other reason, follow along and do it with me. You won’t believe the magic that’s possible when you practice abundance of the whole being ❤

I’ve set up a new Instagram recently, and it’s where you can follow me on this journey. 


Dr. Morgana

Dr. Morgana McCabe Allan


There’s always more to LEARN

And here’s just a few starting points…

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Elena Saxton

Coach for Artisans

Morgana McCabe Allan is incredibly wise yet personable, revolutionary yet relational, and I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to be coached through mindset calls with her. I will be hearing her words in my head for years to come!

Danielle Bettmann

Host of Failing Motherhood Podcast

“I signed my first client!! {…} I showed up on the call fully present, gave her everything I could and I told her I want to offer her a 3 month package where I will honour the free sessions I had posted about within the price point. And she signed up! 🙂 “