I talk a lot about safety, belonging and significance because these are the three foundational pillars to abundance you can feel.

But they’re not the only pieces of the puzzle. What building just has vertical pillars? Even the Parthenon, the most pillary, pillar thing of all time, still had more than just pillars.

A fancy building that stands for centuries has things like

  • Beams: to allow the structure to carry a load. You can’t just infinitely stack abundance on a pillar, just like you can’t build a 1×1 square of lego up into the stratosphere, or even more than 1′ or 2′.
  • Walls: so that the space becomes a container and can hold what moves through it
    Floors: so that you can actually spend time at a level and exist there
  • Stairs: so you can get up to the floors
  • Roof, exterior doors, interior doors: so you can control movement and access inside the building
  • Windows and exterior door: so you can stay both protects and connected to the outside world
  • Garden path: to move between the house and the world

Safety, belonging and significance are the foundations – they’re about becoming a trustworthy architect for a life of your own design. You can’t have them “perfect” before you start building – they get better the more you build.

So what you’re trusting isn’t that you’ll get everything right first try, it’s that you’re the person who knows how to get yourself back up and try again. That you’re the person who can ask for the help they need, and who is open to learn, and all that good stuff.

So what constitutes the floors, walls, stairs etc of building abundance you can really feel?

Freedom: the beams and walls.

Freedom, as we experience it, is a co-creation between what society “allows” us, and the extent to which we have internalised those limitations. The overall interaction between those two forces depends on whether they agree.

People who agree with the limitations society gives them may actually experience a high level of freedom, because the limity-ness is invisible when something is “just how it is.” People who disagree may experience a much lower level of freedom, because they’re continually co-creating with the boundaries around them, even although they’re actually the ones pushing those boundaries.

And of course, it can go the other way too. We might feel trapped by the ordinary, or like a god amongst men, leading a rebellion. The point is, it’s emergent from within and from without.

Joy: the stairs.

Joy allows us to reach new heights. It’s not a coincidence that the root of the word enthusiasm is ‘closeness to god.’ In joy we lift ourselves and others effortlessly.

So it’s not a coincidence that we’re not conditioned to experience joy fully. Even as children, we’re told that our joys are “childish” or “too messy/noisy” or “weird” or “attracting too much attention.” Joy is made into work, even as children, when it’s made competitive and we’re given responsibility for how it makes other people feel etc. The result is that almost all of us are cut of from some or all of our capacity for joy.

In fact, it’s not uncommon to forget what joy is, or where to find it. The idea of letting more joy in doesn’t even resonate with a lot of people because it just seems to frivolous. But it’s actually a gatekeeper – your abundance can never feel bigger than your joy, no matter how much money is in the bank. We see that so tragically, in the lives of celebrities all the time.

Love: the floors.

Whilst joy lets you climb to new heights, you can’t stay there without deepening your capacity for love. Why? Because we can’t exist in joy every moment of every day. If we could, it would just become less and less joyful as we habituated to it. Love, on the other hand, we can rest in. Love holds us.

And we’re not talking about romantic love here, but rather self-love and a sense of loving the collective, and being loved by the collective (whether that’s community, divinity, or something else). Creating from fear (of yourself or others) always creates more of what you fear (I’ll write another post about this), no matter how contradictory that may sound.

When you fully love and accept yourself and understand yourself as part of a much greater reality of love, something magical happens. You become a place of belonging where others come to rest too. They feel safe and seen in your presence, and that naturally amplifies safety, belonging and significance, taking your reality to a new baseline. Or put another way, the first safety, belonging and significance are the foundational pillars, and each new uplevel in how you love in the world puts in a new floor where you can put another layer os safety, belonging and significance pillars to build up around. Creating a level you can stay at, no matter what life is throwing at you.

Our lives, however, condition us into a reality that’s fuelled by fear, not love. The entire contemporary world has been constructed that way. Consequently, even what we know as “love” is generally conditional (from birth pretty much), meaning we learn to co-create with the fear love will be withdrawn, which isn’t love at all.

Peace: roof and doors.

Peace is knowing your safety, belonging and significance are not under threat from the outside or from the inside. We often forget that peace isn’t going to come first in the form of world peace. It has to first come in the form of the capacity for inner peace. Again, looking at the lives of many celebrities we can see how sad and tortured many of their lives are because they don’t know how to find peace inside themselves. The world can’t grant us a peace we can’t hold inside ourselves.

And that means our capacity for abundance can’t exceed our capacity to rest or be with what is. It will always be diminished by any lack of peace inside us. It’s up to us to have boundaries, and to safeguard ourselves by being intentional about what gets into the house of our abundance, and where it gets to go to from there.

Not only are we not taught that, the world we’re in now is one where we can be reached day or night by anyone’s agenda. Anyone’s energy. Every thought of every human has the capacity to be broadcast right into our hand-held device and consumed in super-addictive micro bites. The same toxic guy-deology that would never let in the front door can reach you from the moment you wake up to the moment your head hits the pillow.

Gratitude: The exterior doors and windows.

Technically, this is part of love, joy and peace, so it’s getting it’s own spot here. Without staying connected with the outside world, abundance rapidly becomes exploitative. There are as many ways to dehumanise others in order to ease our conscience around this (a super simple example, calling other humans “leads” in a business context).

When we stop appreciating and step into entitlement, we stop connecting to the reality that all that we have is a blessing. Abundance that comes from entitlement doesn’t actually feel very abundant at all. This also works in reverse too – when you’re continually not appreciated and people aren’t grateful to you, there’s attrition to your capacity for abundance.

Luck: the garden path.

Luck seems to determine what happens every time we use the garden path. How each adventure changes the house over time. We may be led to believe luck is something we either have or don’t have (it’s not). Or we might be told we “make our own” (we do).
But either way, what we’re not taught is how and why it’s true that we make our own luck, or how to do it.

In fact, every single one of the above (and the sub-principles mentioned too, like rest) is a complex skillset that we’re just expected to pick up as we go along. We’re not taught to feel freedom, or joy, or love, or peace, or gratitude, or luck.

We’re actually taught the opposite. It hurts so much every time we’re abandoned, shamed or betrayed as children, that we learn to cut off the very feelings that create expansion. Without knowing it, and without knowing the cost, leave ourselves only with a tiny range of what’s possible.

We’re not even taught to have open conversations about the extent to which we attribute meaning in a consistent way to any of these incredible concepts.


Looking at it, it seems like it’s ridiculous that we’re not taught any of this stuff in school, but it’s actually intentional. Think about it. If we all knew how to build our reality for the feelings we desired and to manifest the capacity to hold those desires in the material forms they take, how would we have a good little population that keep the status quo busily quoing?

I guarantee, unless you’re a legit guru like a modern Buddha, and you’re about ready to turn into a light and fly away, what you’re calling freedom, joy, love, peace, gratitude or luck is still just a fraction of what’s possible. There’s scope for infinite expansion.
That’s why, inside the Infinite Expansion Magicmind experience, we break each of these areas down into small, actionable lessons that help you understand and elevate your own capacity for each building principle, so that you can create and sustain uplevel after uplevel.

We use curriculum, workshops and amazing, fun expansive activities you can bring into your everday life to expand the f*ck out of your capacity to feel good things, whilst also working on the shadow side and talking about strategy too.

Each month, we’re building a full new level, with floors, walls, doors, you name it. Each month, we’re raising the roof.

Each month you’re becoming a stronger and stronger architect of your own transformation ❤
It’s really pretty damn magical in there ❤


Dr. Morgana

Dr. Morgana McCabe Allan


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