What To Do When Your Revenue Strategies Fail You

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What to Do When Your Revenue Strategies Fail You


Have you ever bought into a strategy that guarantees you’ll generate 10k and beyond, only to find that you need another strategy to compensate for the previous one you had? 

It’s totally normal. 

Yet it’s also normal to want to cancel your subscription to that type of voracious strategy buying because no money actually comes to you – it all goes right back into your business. Or maybe if you’re honest, it never fully comes back to you, and just disappears into their business?  

So all your time and resources keep going into the business and you’re still not making what you want to make.  

After multiple strategy investments, it’s 100% normal to still be wondering how you can find a simple, aligned, non-overwhelming strategy that actually allows you to expand and make money without leaving you an empty-handed pauper. 

Let me tell you a story to unpack this concept.

Strategy Buying Patterns that are Keeping You Stuck


One day I was being super normal when a really normal guy I recognised came into the bar. 

I reacted really normal to him, ignoring him and focusing on talking to another normal guy I’d only just met. 

Because the first normal guy was so normal, and I was so normal, it really felt like the normal way to deal with the situation was to get normal, high-speed engaged to the new normal guy I’d just met. 

That normal situation turned out totally normal, and after some normal months of normal marriage where normal stuff happened, like him being a totally normal, in-the-closet-gay who was normal-level abusive, we got a totally normal divorce. 

For a while after that, he was my normal stalker. Which was a neat, normal symmetry, because the original normal guy I had ignored in the bar had been a normal abuser and stalker from years before.

A true story from my life, except for one thing. 

NONE of it was normal. 

But it was normal to me at the time and so it felt normal, which is why I chose it all to happen, and why I had NO IDEA why it was happening. 

Just like 21-year-old me who married a stranger because it seemed like the right strategy to deal with the situation (an old abuser reappearing on me), the strategies you pick from where you are now are not the “right ones” to get you where you want to be. They are the ones that feel “right” i.e. normal to you NOW. 

And they create more of the same pattern in your life. 

How to Create Effective Patterns that Grow Your Revenue and Your Business


Normally, in the online space, there is a pattern of spending however much you earn on strategies and solutions to help you earn more so that your business grows. The problem is, you never actually have money you can hold in your hand. 

Here’s how you break up with that pattern: Reacquaint yourself every day with the best of YOU. 

That’s your gold dust. 

You are your success formula.

It’s not about whatever guru A is saying about platform B’s new algorithm changes. Or how they made 30k in 30 days. That’s crazy-making and never ever ends.

Change your energy first and the strategies you pick will be completely different, and create new outcomes. 

Like magic. 

Except totally normal.


Dr. Morgana

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