Consent in Business is Not Optional

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I’m done with what the gurus say about sales and pitching yourself.


I was done a long time ago – I walked out of a sales job at 20 and paved my own way to incredible, aligned, feminine sales success that same year, selling my services at a rate equivalent to £4,000/hr.

Secured well over £80k funding for work that didn’t exist yet, and delivered on it.

But today I am done with other people doing it too. No more Dr. Nice Lady.

My soulmate community knows that if you have to force yourself on people, not only are they not your people and this is not your thing, you have parts of yourself to heal. Consent is not optional for us.

We know if you’re obsessed with “proving yourself” you never will. You never can. It doesn’t work that way. Our goal is to love ourselves to success, not prove ourselves there.

And my soulmate community knows that if you trust yourself and fully embody your expertise, you show up for yourself and your people, magic happens.

This week, I had someone come into my inbox telling me she is an intuitive who can blow up my business and she will give me a free mini reading.

In her mini reading, she underestimated my business revenue by a factor of 100x. In case your head is spinning, yes I do mean she thought my business was making ONE HUNDRED TIMES LESS than it actually is.

When I told her this, her reply was “you mean in a different business though.”

When I told her I mean THIS business, she ghosted me immediately.

Can we all please just scream it at the top of our voices, for the people in the back, that if you’re only talking to someone because you think you can manipulate them into buying from you right now, without building any real relationship with them… Stop. Talking. To. Them. Now.

Scream it with me: “If you’re trying to manipulate people at all, just stop.” Sales doesn’t have to be that way.

Sales can be a beautiful coming together of two hearts and a meaningful exchange of true value. That’s how we sell in my community. That’s one of the many life changing things my clients learn with me.

The straw that actually broke the camel’s back was a day or two ago when I posted that I had a migraine. And a THERAPIST (ffs, talk about someone who should know better) came onto my page to offer me the unsolicited, ableist, devaluing advice without asking ANY questions, building any relationship or anything.

Woman, do not mansplain me my migraines and imagine I will hire you for that.

I don’t read this and think, “omg you’re right, I’ll DM you.”

I read it and think: desperation; disconnected from herself; not in her power; not meeting me where I am AT ALL; not in integrity. NOT A CHANCE.

It’s not that I’m averse to investing – I made a $6,500 investment for 6 weeks, and paid in full this week to someone I’ve never even spoken to. I can’t wait to work with her!

I also don’t mind comments and DMs (I love them!), I’m a people person! But when it comes to people like me, the nurturers of hearts, minds, souls, bodies and businesses, get to know us a little bit before you jump in thinking you can “help” us. We are a pretty effing qualified crew over here and we see through basic b*tch business tricks!

I am averse to the rules so many people think they have to play by. The manipulation, the scarcity, the agitation of pain, the selling of false promises, the lack of integrity, the hustle, the money chasing.

My soulmate community and I, we’re to rise together. We’re here to do better. We’re here to change the world, starting with how we show up in our lives and our own businesses. We spiral, we soften, we collaborate, we trust and we love. We attract.

If that’s you too, I’d love to hear from you.


Dr. Morgana

Dr. Morgana McCabe Allan


There’s always more to LEARN

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“I’m sharing a win, I made more money this week in my business than on any other offer last year. And it was so easy. This money river is flowing today! I’m only $700 away from hitting my new monthly goal and it’s only the 2nd of the month!”

Elena Saxton

Coach for Artisans

Morgana McCabe Allan is incredibly wise yet personable, revolutionary yet relational, and I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to be coached through mindset calls with her. I will be hearing her words in my head for years to come!

Danielle Bettmann

Host of Failing Motherhood Podcast

“I signed my first client!! {…} I showed up on the call fully present, gave her everything I could and I told her I want to offer her a 3 month package where I will honour the free sessions I had posted about within the price point. And she signed up! 🙂 “