How Dr. Morgana McCabe Allan Helped Anusha Arulvel free herself of guilt and blame

The Client:

Anusha Arulvel: Oh She’s Rich

The Problem:

‘I’d had so many bad experiences with online coaches. So I was very cautious. I spent a tidy sum on coaches over the years. So I wasn’t about to commit to any coaches until I felt 99% sure.’

Considering the substantial investment that selecting a coach can be, Anusha explained:

‘When dealing with a big-ticket investment, it becomes paramount to exercise caution and ensure certainty. The coaching industry is rife with compelling promises, making it challenging to discern the genuine. The coaching promised land seems enticing from a distance, but once immersed, the reality is so often vastly different. Online appearances can be deceiving, and anyone can present themselves as something they are not.

Given the significant financial commitment and that I was near breaking point internally, I was not prepared to take a risk!’

Receiving lots of pitches from coaches seeking to work with her during lockdown had Anusha wondering if working with another coach was right for her. She felt what she needed was strategy until she commenced her coaching with Morgana.

‘I remember when I had my first call with Morgana, she put me in touch with a couple of her previous clients at the beginning of our program, when I was deciding whether Morgana was the correct coach for me. The clients both spoke highly of Morgana. And I said, but what about strategy? Because I believed that is what I needed. One of Morgana’s clients pointed out that Morgana didn’t rely on traditional strategies to achieve success; it initially discouraged me. I believed I needed a coach who could offer me a more conventional sense of direction and a strategic approach. As a result, I started to question whether Morgana was the right fit for me.’

Morgana, in an unexpected turn of events, asked me to read her astrology chart. This offered me a unique opportunity to glance into the window of her soul. Through this experience, I was able to view the ocean of gifts within Morgana. What struck me profoundly about her chart was the unwavering purity of her heart, which emanated from a place of genuine selflessness. Moreover, her ability to perceive situations from a multi-dimensional perspective, demonstrating her remarkable insight and wisdom. She had the capacity to see the entirety of the matrix, with all its intricacies, a conduit for truth, insights, epiphanies, and breakthroughs. She could see other’s pasts, as well as our future, the symbol of her chart – a falcon, capable of reading a tiny message on the ground from thousands of feet high in the open sky. These were rare nodes! This newfound understanding completely transformed my perception of Morgana, revealing her extraordinary qualities. My doubts faded and I booked Morgana for 6 months.

The Solution:

Working with Morgana offered Anusha something that she didn’t know she needed but she soon recognised that having support – and Morgana in her corner – at pivotal moments in her journey enabled her to thrive:

With all of the uplevels Anusha was experiencing, Morgana’s interdisciplinary approach incorporating mindset and inner healing, was exactly what she needed:

‘When you’re in the process of growing in any area of your life, for me every milestone and upleveling comes with its share of growing pains. This can be accompanied by significant challenges, requiring an upgrade in my consciousness and essence as well. It’s like shedding old snake-skin. During such times, having the right support feels crucial. While many coaches can offer guidance in the traditional, masculine paradigm, few can delve into the depth of your inner core and assist you in up-leveling at your very essence.’

‘Plenty of coaches might offer universal practices like meditation and breathing exercises, which are undoubtedly helpful and provide tools, but they only scratch the surface. What makes Morgana unique as a coach is she goes beyond the standard practices and truly delves into the depths of her clients’ needs, allowing her to offer transformative experiences that are deeply meaningful and lasting. It is evident that she genuinely cares about bettering her clients’ lives. By combining these extraordinary qualities with compassion, the right tools and techniques, she enables her clients to experience magical transformations that originate from a place of genuine authenticity and integrity. These profound changes not only uplift their businesses but also impact their personal lives, creating a powerful ripple effect throughout all aspects of their being.’

In one to one coaching sessions, Morgana offered an alternate perspective to Anusha and acted as a problem-solver guiding Anusha through challenges as they arose:

‘Morgana is truly an incredible soul with a profound understanding of the human psyche and the intricacies of the human soul. Her ability to view situations from multiple dimensions allows her to offer perspectives that not only delve into my inner core but also shed light on the dynamics of those around me. She has converted her own wounds and produced wisdom. She is not just a coach but a remarkable solution finder as well. Whenever I encounter challenging or perplexing problems, she never fails to come up with insightful solutions that work. In a way, she combines the best aspects of a skilled psychologist and a soul therapist, making her support and guidance invaluable in my journey of personal growth and development.’

The Results:

Working with Morgana therefore enabled Anusha to free herself of guilt and blame by widening her perspective and increasing her awareness –

‘Recognising one’s shadows and taking responsibility for personal change is indeed important, and it seems like guilt is a recurring shadow for me. Morgana has been instrumental in providing me with a fresh perspective on this aspect of my life. While I’ve always believed that change can only happen within myself, she has expanded my understanding by offering insights into how others operate and think.

Her ability to show me different angles and explain complex layers of life has provided me with a valuable level of awareness.’

Indeed, the holistic inner healing that Anusha experienced was profound; together they worked to make significant internal shifts and changes. Anusha credits her coaching experience with Morgana as providing her with.

‘Morgana empowered me with the ability to assert myself confidently, while embodying love and kindness. Previously, I would tend to withdraw during moments of conflict. However, she provided me with a strategy to face conflict with the appropriate attitude, language, and mindset during every uplevel I encountered – and there were numerous uplevels throughout that year, to the point of being quite remarkable. I can’t recall experiencing such frequent uplevels in years past.

Her guidance and support throughout this journey were invaluable. Morgana helped me learn how to navigate conflicts with grace and determination, ultimately leading to my personal and professional advancement.’

Considering her investment with Morgana now, Anusha feels that the return was huge with the impact going far beyond increasing revenue;

‘The concept of money has never occupied my thoughts when it comes to investing in Morgana’s programs. The value she provides transcends monetary considerations, as her expertise and guidance have proven to be of immeasurable worth. Her approach is characterised by a remarkable generosity of spirit, time, and resources.’

‘In the realm of coaching, it is often challenging to gain access to the inner workings and personalised attention. However, Morgana is an exception to this norm. She goes above and beyond to make herself available to her clients, demonstrating a genuine commitment to their growth and well-being. In moments of great need, she has served as a lifeline for me, offering unwavering support and guidance. When you invest in Morgana’s programs, you are not just putting money into something tangible; you are investing in a deep and meaningful connection with a coach who truly cares about your progress and success.’

With Morgana’s targeted support and guidance, Anusha soon felt empowered and supported to reach outcomes she wouldn’t have previously contemplated –

‘Morgana possesses an exceptionally multi-dimensional mind, granting her a unique ability to discern the finest aspects of her clients. Through this profound understanding, she not only draws out the best within them but also imparts an essence previously unexplored or unrecognised by themselves. Her insights and guidance resonate on a deeper level, revealing aspects of one’s being and potential that were previously untapped.’

‘Having her as a guiding force provides the assurance that when life’s challenges arise, there is a wise and steady hand to navigate the turbulent waters. With her expertise, those who venture through difficult situations find the strength to rise and glean valuable lessons from the experience. Morgana’s remarkable capacity to bring out the best in her clients, combined with her ability to introduce them to previously undiscovered dimensions of their being, creates an extraordinary and transformative journey towards self-discovery and growth.’

Ultimately, Morgana’s one to one coaching catalysed much more than business growth for Anusha – it facilitated a shift within herself that has impacted every aspect of her life. Commenting on her experience of Morgana’s coaching program, Anusha explained,

‘Throughout my transformative journey with Morgana, I have been have had numerous epiphanies, leading to a profound understanding of how to embrace my true self. These revelations have had a remarkable impact on all aspects of my life, facilitating personal growth and progress. Nevertheless, amidst these profound changes, the core essence of my business has remained unwavering and unaltered.’

‘The true transformation lies within me, as I have developed a heightened sense of intuition, a more enlightened perspective of the world, and an evolved way of operating in both personal and professional realms. Additionally, this journey has provided me with valuable clarity regarding the person I *do not want to be. Embracing my authentic self has unlocked the potential for boundless growth, influencing my interactions, decisions, and choices in profound ways. My inner transformation has been the catalyst for a more fulfilling and purpose-driven life, creating a positive ripple effect that extends beyond my business into every aspect of my being.’

‘Morgana is an exceptional gem in the realm of coaching. If you are contemplating embarking on a transformative journey, seeking to traverse your path from wounds to wisdom, she is that light. Two thumbs up, as well as a wholehearted two big toes up for this experience!’

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Dreaming Big, Finding your Hive and Leveling Up: How Dr Morgana McCabe Allan helped Michelle Crowder-Soellner recognise her worth and build her confidence to make connections which  transformed her business, multiplied her clients and increased her revenue.

Dreaming Big, Finding your Hive and Leveling Up: How Dr Morgana McCabe Allan helped Michelle Crowder-Soellner recognise her worth and build her confidence to make connections which  transformed her business, multiplied her clients and increased her revenue.

Michelle was just starting out in the online world with her copywriting business relatively embryonic when she met Morgana. She wasn’t charging a lot for her services and didn’t have the confidence to recognise the wealth of amazing experience and expertise she was offering to potential clients.

“I’m sharing a win, I made more money this week in my business than on any other offer last year. And it was so easy. This money river is flowing today! I’m only $700 away from hitting my new monthly goal and it’s only the 2nd of the month!”

Elena Saxton

Coach for Artisans

Morgana McCabe Allan is incredibly wise yet personable, revolutionary yet relational, and I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to be coached through mindset calls with her. I will be hearing her words in my head for years to come!

Danielle Bettmann

Host of Failing Motherhood Podcast

“I signed my first client!! {…} I showed up on the call fully present, gave her everything I could and I told her I want to offer her a 3 month package where I will honour the free sessions I had posted about within the price point. And she signed up! 🙂 “