5 Transformations to Attract your Ideal Client Today

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Everyone wants ideal clients.

There are millions (if not billions) of people on the earth buying things at any given time. Yet as someone working with entrepreneurs every day, the most common complaints I hear are:

“I just can’t attract ideal clients…”

“I keep getting on the phone with people who say they have no money, or who don’t have the time, or who don’t want my offer…”

“I can’t narrow it down, I like working with everyone and all different people like working with me… Well, no, I don’t LOVE any of it.”

Now of course there are straight up business things we can work on there – are you speaking to the right people using the right language? Maybe not. Are you showing up, often enough and on the right channels? Again, if I’m being really honest and calling you out on any BS here, I would say that the answer is likely no.

But that’s not your fault!

It’s because very few people out there are really showing us how passionate about our work and our clients we can be!  So we base our expectations on what we’ve seen before and it usually looks like undercharging, struggling for clients and dealing with nightmares.

On the other hand, real ideal clients are like coming home, or falling in love; they don’t have to be one in a thousand, they can be every single time. But you’re never gonna get booked out with ideal clients by “fixing” your SEO, or your funnel, or any other strategy or tool. Not until you look INSIDE YOU and fix what you find in there first.

The messaging will always be off and your ads and offers won’t land, if you aren’t fully aligned with your ideal client and in your overall life… want to know why?  

Because what clients are connecting to… what they buy into… is YOU. So if you’re not attracting your ideal clients, here are 5 things to start working on right now.

1. Be super intentional about who you’re talking to

If you are talking to the wrong people, that’s on you – you get to choose who you’re talking to. However, people usually talk to who they think will listen and, because of inherent negativity bias (i.e. assuming the worst) we tend towards only feeling qualified to speak to beginners.  If you don’t feel qualified to even speak to your dream clients, that’s not a superficial, teeny tiny thing that doesn’t matter; it means you need to  review your values and purpose. Work on your courage and ability to leverage your transferable skills and life experience, to create confidence, support your self-belief and to actively set the intuition to connect on a soulful level to your true ideal client.

2. When you’re hearing money objections or potential clients start ghosting you

If well-matched potential clients are ghosting you, it can mean you’re not 100% completely in love with yourself, your offer, your results and/or your commitment to delivering every single time. However, underneath all of these is something so glaringly obvious it’s incredibly easy to overlook. You’re not in love with your pricing and that invariably comes back to self-worth.

The vast majority of times, it’s when you’re actually undervaluing your work and either giving more than you’re receiving back, or not giving what you really want to into the world, because you don’t feel like people would pay for it therefore, you see the most price objections. When your body feels feedback that says, “this doesn’t feel good” your brain has been conditioned to interpret it to mean, “this bad feeling must mean I don’t deserve this much.” It couldn’t be further than the truth – the feeling is your body wisdom crying out “you’re infinitely worthy and magical!” Unfortunately, when you’re in that place of not fully valuing you and your work, you wind up talking to people who do that too. Shift this by working on your money mindset and self-worth. 

3. When you’re hearing sales objections about time

If potential clients are saying they don’t have time, you haven’t served them to the fullest of your capacity in terms of educating them about the value of the transformation you are offering them. It’s really tempting to run to strategy here and imagine that a “better message” will help you sell more. Whilst it might, in order to craft a better message, even the best copywriters in the world need to know more than what you do. They need to know why you do it. This is so important.

Simon Sinek has a whole book called “Start with Why,” which highlights how having the why that resonates the most with potential clients, is more powerful than having the better product. A soulful, purpose-fuelled reason that fires you up, fires other people up too. This means more than just picking something at random – even if it’s a great cause. It’s about going deep inside yourself and getting to know your own soul. What is your life story? Where are you not owning it and so, feeling blocked from being completely committed to WHY you are doing this work? Understand those things and you’ll attract people who share your thinking, and want what you have! 

4. If it feels like no matter what you share, nobody notices you

If it feels like nobody sees you as “different” or “special,” that’s an indication you aren’t visible yet to your soulmate clients because, you are not seeing who you truly are and showing that to the world. People who will one day love your work are already all around you, but until you show up in wholeness and share who you really are, they have no way of picking you out from the crowd.

As Brene Brown says, “fitting in is the opposite of belonging.” When you stop fitting in and start standing out, not through drama, but by showing how completely at ease and whole you are with yourself through sharing your truth, people will draw in around you. Why? Because people who create real belonging for themselves, within themselves, are people others can feel that they belong with. Here, you need to really work on owning your value, your story and on overcoming fear and limitations, so you can be real and vulnerable instead of playing it safe. 

5. If you can’t commit to one ideal client and just want to help everyone

Whilst wanting to help everyone is elevated in our society as being of virtue, elevating this idea is actually part of the rescuer/saviour complex that enabled patriarchal-colonial culture to position it’s figureheads (and their effigies in all white men), as saviours rather than perpetrators. Continuing this doesn’t serve the highest good of anyone; including you. By trying to serve everyone, we wind up standing in places we really can’t do a great job, blocking someone who could do it wonderfully from being seen, and so withholding help from someone who needs it. If you’ve ever been passed over for promotion by a man who couldn’t do a fraction of the job you can, you’ve been on the receiving end of this before. 

This ties into scarcity mindsets too

Feeling unable to narrow down who you work with is also connected to fears about resource scarcity. This is where you’re frightened to give up some clients because you don’t have 100% faith that ideal clients will fill their place. However, there are a few problems with this. The first, is viewing other people and their money as resources you want to get your hands on, rather than fully, autonomous people with equally valid needs, lives and rights to make the best possible choice for themselves. Secondly, when you take on those not-so-ideal clients, not only aren’t you fully serving those people, you’re not growing your business towards fully supporting you. Growing your business by selling to people who aren’t your soulmate clients is a way of staying small and perpetuating fear and control in your own life and others. That really doesn’t create the best results or inspire repeat custom, testimonials or referrals. Unravelling this is where we go deep into money mindset and self-love. When you KNOW you’re worth every penny and more, it’s much easier to let those not-so-ideal clients go and to transform your business. 

It’s bigger than a quick fix


We all want to think an easy, quick fix that will take our business to the next level by attracting hordes of soulmate clients is out there – that’s exactly why the online business industry is booming with strategies for every kind of content, platform, sales pitch etc out there. What’s not talked about enough, is that whilst they all work in principle, they ONLY create a business that feels like your dream business and creates your dream life when you’re willing to go through profound internal shifts and grow into the person who can fully match all of that. The secret to your success is this – your next level comes from YOU and how you relate to yourself and others, not from those others. You are the magic that makes work and once you realise that, you can make anything work that you set your mind to. That’s exactly how I’ve created so many different kinds of success over the years; by fully understanding people are not just buying from you, they are buying into you. Become someone you fully buy into (I do not recommend gaslighting yourself into buying into BS about yourself, that’s a whole other thing), and the rest is easy. 

What does it all boil down to? If you’re not clear on why, what, who, how… if you are hiding from yourself or the world (actually both, fundamentally, are the same thing) and aren’t playing big enough that they see ALL of you, then those ideal clients aren’t coming. Not because they don’t want to come. Not because you don’t deserve them. But because they can’t see what you don’t show them and that doesn’t happen by accident. It doesn’t come from a trendy business strategy; it happens by doing the work of finding out who you really are and showing people without shame, fear, or doubt. How you being you, doing what you do, helps them. That’s all business really is. The rest is the easy bit.  


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