How How Dr. Morgana McCabe Allen helped Isa-Welly create a high-ticket offer and sell £12k ($17k) before officially launching

The Client:

Isa-Welly Locoh-Donou is a health and wellness coach, nutritional therapist, and pilates instructor who helps busy, professional women release their exhaustion and feel better. She uses a holistic approach to mind, body, and spiritual alignment and well-being.

The Problem:

After building a successful dance career, Isa-Welly started a health and wellness business to help women feel better. She built an engaged audience of more than 20k followers on Instagram and sold pilates packages. But as she finished her nutrition degree, she knew it was time to expand her services and bring all of her skills together in one high-ticket offer.

Isa-Welly knew just selling pilates packages and classes wasn’t going to help her achieve her financial goals, and she knew hiring a coach was the next step. But she wasn’t sure who could help with the specific goals she had in mind.

“I felt confused and didn’t know how or where to start,” Isa-Welly said. “I didn’t have any offerings as a coach, and I knew I needed help actually creating and selling an offer.”

She knew she didn’t want to start a group course or a membership, and, more than that, she didn’t want to struggle for years to come up with this package. She didn’t want to waste time digging through free resources or piecing together a slew of courses to get the information and strategy she needed.

“I wanted to have a good, strong coaching offer that felt aligned, that I was proud of, and that was exciting to me,” Isa-Welly said. “I wanted something really targeted to me and my skills to help people. And I knew working with a coach was the fastest way to get there.”

There was a part of her that wondered if she was good enough to charge a high ticket price, to say “I’m a coach,” and charge accordingly.
After interviewing several coaches, she met Morgana and knew it was exactly the right next step.

The Solution:

Morgana taught Isa-Welly how to have meaningful co-creation calls with her audience to understand exactly what their pain points were and what problems they explicitly needed to solve.

“She had a plan and a strategy,” Isa-Welly said. “She laid out the steps, and it was so good because it made me go out there and speak with people where they were and about the things they were struggling with.”

Those conversations were the foundation. Next Morgana helped Isa-Welly craft what her offer would look like.

They tested and reworked and started looking at the investment. When it came to pricing, Isa-Welly decided to start her offer at £1k ($1,400).

“Morgana was like, ‘No, you’re not doing that,’” Isa-Welly said. “She had me write down how much money, time, training, and education I’d invested in myself over the last five years. On top of that, she told me to add my lifetime skills.”

Isa-Welly’s financial investment in herself was more than £40k ($56k) and her lifetime skills felt immeasurable.

“It was a wakeup moment, and I was like, ‘I cannot charge £1500 ($2100),’” Isa-Welly said. “It was a good perspective shift, and it really raised my confidence.”

Morgana also encouraged Isa-Welly to show up differently for her audience to add value to their lives while selling her services. She showed Isa-Welly how to use symptoms and the problems they were experiencing to make genuine connections. Sharing that content allowed her audience to see she understood them.

They worked through mindset blocks and limiting beliefs around confidence and showing up. And while Isa-Welly could see the changes happening in herself and how she was prepared to run her business, she couldn’t have imagined how quickly success would come.

The Results:

Morgana’s strategy and Isa-Welly’s intentional work paid off before they even finished working together.

After just a few months of coaching and implementation, and before even officially launching her service, Isa-Welly sold £12k ($17k) worth of high-ticket packages in one month.

“What’s amazing is that, yes, I made my investment back, but I also have a repeatable system to sell this package again and again,” Isa-Welly said. “I feel completely comfortable telling someone I’m charging £3k ($4200) because I know I can transform their lives.”

Isa-Welly said she’s proud of the offer they created and feels more confident as a coach.

“Before, when Morgana told me that £3k ($4200) was the bare minimum, I thought, ‘Yeah, she’s crazy,’” Isa-Welly said. “But now I’m like, ‘Hell yeah!’ I am a completely different person from when I started working with her.”

Isa-Welly said if she hadn’t worked with Morgana, it would’ve taken her much longer to get her offer ready and start marketing it.

“I wouldn’t have had the balls to put it at the price it is,” Isa-Welly said. “I wouldn’t have had the courage, the guts, or the confidence to do it. I wouldn’t have the techniques to do it. She made it really easy for me. I literally just listened to what she said, made sure it was in alignment with what I wanted, and got to work.”

But beyond the money and the offer, Isa-Welly’s biggest takeaway was an evolved mindset. She is happier, more confident, and even more excited to show up for her audience.

“These mindset pieces I have are for life,” Isa-Welly said. “Which, for me, makes it totally worth the investment. I made my money back and then some but the new beliefs and mindsets? They are forever.”

Isa-Welly said Morgana had an ability that allowed her to show up as her higher self, a more aligned version of who she could be in her business and her life.

“Morgana is so aligned with herself that she allows me to be really honest and authentic. I always thought I had to work so hard to be successful,“ Isa-Welly said. “Morgana helped me create ease around serving my clients, like using my gifts and talents to the best of my ability. A lot of coaches pretend to do that, but Morgana is really good at creating authentic manifesting in your business.”

Isa-Welly said anyone who wants an honest, authentic relationship with their coach should look to working with Morgana.

“She will always be my go-to for showing up as my best self, manifesting, and being true,” Isa-Welly said. “She has the perfect mix of business and manifestation. Like, she is the boss of that shit.”

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