How Nicole 5x-ed her income, got consistently fully booked with dream clients and secured her aligned, dynamic and thriving business through a journey of truth, self discovery, happiness and wholeness and a very simple strategy she can scale.

The Client:

Nicole Prentice: Sobriety Focused Life Coach/ Certified EFT and Breathwork Practitioner who
helps men and women free themselves from trapped emotions and create healthy support systems so they can experience more joy, happiness and fulfillment in their lives.

The Problem:

A few years into her business, Nicole was feeling lost.

Talented, hardworking and capable, Nicole had all of the prerequisite strategies and support systems to enable her to be a successful and thriving entrepreneur, yet something was holding her back –

‘I was honor roll in college. I was very successful in my 9-to-5pm. I had all the strategies, but nothing was working…after those years of it not working, I was starting to lose that faith in myself.’

Investing in herself through various coaching programmes while receiving little in return further amplified this disconnect: she was tired, confused and feeling the weight of being stuck.

‘I think I invested more than $50,000 without really seeing a return, and I tried all these things, all these strategies, and the whole time I just felt confused…it was one of the hardest things I’ve done. I was working so hard, but I wasn’t seeing any results. I wasn’t attracting clients. I just was stuck. And again, it didn’t make sense to me because I had all the strategies, I had support, and I didn’t know why it
wasn’t coming together.’

She felt isolated and alone with pressure and lack of clarity – she was busy but not moving forward, jumping from certification to certification with imposter syndrome acting as her frustrating companion.

‘Being an entrepreneur is a lot of pressure in itself, and I just felt very alone and confused. Every day I didn’t really know what to do. I’d wake up, I would do things just to be busy…I’d get this Certification then on to the next one, but it never really went anywhere and that was very frustrating.’

When the opportunity arose to work with Morgana, Nicole felt that this was her last shot.

Personal Transformation:

‘Healing is the hardest thing to do, but it’s the most transformational.’

Nicole had met Morgana in another programme in which Morgana participated as a guest expert and she felt there was something different about her approach right from the start. Working with other coaches before, Nicole had focussed on strategy – Morgana however, challenged her to delve deeper and connect her business with her story.

One of the first questions Morgana posed to Nicole was – ‘are you open to the possibility that there’s something deeper that’s keeping you stuck?’ Nicole said that Morgana was the first person to really point that out to her and over the next six months through sharing, support and guided healing, Nicole was able to address shame she was holding onto and genuinely move forward both personally and professionally.

Nicole advised that her first call with Morgana catalyzed this transformation:

‘She saw it before I did….She really helped me to see that the missing piece was really my wholeness. And she helped me to do so much healing.’

Though she knew that working with Morgana was the right step, Nicole recognised that there is always fear – especially when you have been through programmes before and not seen a return – but this time, something felt different. Nicole explained, ‘Morgana was there the whole time: she held the space for my fears.’ Deciding to take the leap and embark on a different coaching programme was a big decision for Nicole but she felt assured from the start that Morgana’s focus was truly on helping her and Morgana was embarking on this journey with her.

Of course, working through shame and doing the deep work is not easy. Nicole advised that:

‘That was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but one of the best things I’ve ever done because it was greatly impacting my life. That healing was really hard, and I’ve never felt safe before to do that. And through that, she held me the whole time. She supported me the whole time.’

Sensitively and supportively, Morgana guided Nicole through various practices and techniques, including working her team’s EFT Practitioner – a combination Nicole found immensely effective. It enabled Nicole to address difficult topics such as drinking, and look deeper within herself to recognise what was holding her back.

‘This was something I did need to heal, these were wounds that I was holding on to. There were things I was holding onto that weren’t true. And a lot of the healing
that we did addressed that and I never felt like I was in a place where I was uncomfortable sharing it or it was too much.’

For Nicole, this was a connection that she hadn’t necessarily been looking to make as she joined Morgana’s business coaching programme – and one she realizes she may have actually been resistant to – but the results were undeniably incredible;

‘I’ve worked with so many business coaches, but this was an experience where I finally found my wholeness. For a long time, I didn’t love myself. I didn’t really know who I was or honor who I was. And I felt very lost. Working with Morgana, it was more than just business…
…it was also about your personal healing…The support is the best support I’ve ever had, the best tools I’ve ever had.’

Transformation in Her Business:

Connecting personal healing with her business practice allowed Nicole to be open, vulnerable and really explore and understand her fears and doubts. Morgana’s approach facilitated the space for Nicole to do this:

‘I always felt like there was a space for me to really talk about whatever it was I needed. I’ve never really had that space before then or before now. Between phone calls, when things would come up, she was always there to help me, whether it was helping me figure out how to navigate a relationship with a new client or questions about my own healing or fear.’

Nicole felt that Morgana’s tangible ability and palpable commitment to truly be there for her clients throughout their journeys was one of the most important components to her success:

‘She was always there to support me, and that was something I’ve never had before. She’s in a different country than me, and I would send her a message, if I were stuck and within like a minute she’d come back to me. So I always felt supported. And especially in the beginning when emotionally it was really hard. I needed that, and I honestly didn’t know how much I needed it until afterwards. So the support was absolutely huge.’

As the healing work came together, Morgana’s business support allowed Nicole to gain courage and confidence in her business. A new, exciting and perfectly aligned business emerged, which allowed Nicole to use all of her best skills, experience, and story in a completely new niche, with a new ideal client, a new offer, and even a completely new audience on a completely new platform.  In just a few months, Nicole went from “square one” to an audience of over 30,000 people who adore her, fully booking her the life changing new sobriety work that had  organically emerged from within her highly impactful 1:1 work with Morgana.

‘Morgana helped me to see that my story and my journey could become how I help and serve others. I went on the journey myself, and I have seen how powerful it is… And I mean, if she had said, you’re going to be a sobriety coach. I’d been like, what? Why? But it was a perfect business. The business was created perfectly by my experience…it was built from a deep truth that I didn’t have in my other businesses. And that deep truth, that alignment has been why it’s been so amazing.’

Marketing and sales calls, something that Nicole previously hated, became an enjoyable enterprise that added to her focussed and thriving business model.

‘TikTok has been so much fun. I enjoy sharing my message, my story. I have such beautiful energy behind it, and my audience has just been growing. I always receive beautiful messages, beautiful comments, and it’s been this wonderful transformation where I’m attracting the right people. I used to feel like I had to hustle and go find them…but now there’s this beautiful feeling of abundance.’

The Results So Far:

‘She helped me to see that it was about becoming the person who can create the success.’

Right from the beginning, Morgana’s insight and guided healing allowed Nicole to begin to manifest clients, money, time, and most importantly, wholeness.  Within six months of working with Morgana, Nicole’s business completely transformed:

‘I found so much wholeness in myself, in my relationships and my happiness. And out of it was born a beautiful business. It hasn’t even been a year yet. And I have 5x’d my revenue. I have consistent sales. I’m overly fully booked for 1:1s with the most beautiful clients…I made more in the last year than I did in the first two and a half years.’

Whilst working with Morgana, Nicole felt empowered and truly proud to share her story in order to help others within her burgeoning audience of thousands:

‘It’s been beautiful just to show people that there is another way. But it’s also been beautiful to own that part of my story…. Morgana helped move me to a point where I wasn’t sharing because of maybe wanting money or wanting clients or from a scarcity. I was sharing from a place of empowerment and genuinely wanting to help others. And it was a beautiful transition.’

Healing and refocusing her energy with Morgana further enabled Nicole to dramatically reduce her working hours. Showing up with energy and achieving a beautiful balance in her life, with daily time for meditation, reading and wellness,  has been a huge part of Nicole’s journey and her success:

‘Some of my best months with bringing in new clients and having the biggest wins are the months where I’ve worked the least and really enjoyed the most… I work less than I have ever worked. And my business has been growing the best it ever has.  I am creating from a place where there is this flow.’

Alignment, which is key to Morgana’s practice and Nicole’s journey, allowed Nicole’s client numbers to soar more than tenfold with her clients happy to pay almost four times more than what her programmes previously cost. She is now consistently attracting dream clients with ease; as clients renew their contracts and refer their friends, and new people enter her world.

‘After all the healing that we did, we created this beautiful business that could not be more perfect for me. It’s everything. It’s using my story, my journey, and, I mean, I attract clients so effortlessly. There are dream clients that come forward, and it’s everything. It just feels so good and in alignment. And it’s building a business that really captures all my wholeness and how I can show up and serve from that place.’

The speed in which Nicole found this success after commencing working with Morgana was also absolutely incredible:

‘I mean, this has not even been a whole year, and this is happening, so it’s incredible how fast it has happened and how good it feels. I know I’m supposed to be here, and for once, business feels aligned. It feels easy. It feels abundant. I’ve never felt that before.’

Nicole’s multiple successes and inspirational transformations however, reach well beyond the significant financial and lifestyle benefits she manifested. During her coaching with Morgana, Nicole felt empowered to step away from unhealthy friendships and recognise her worth in relationships. The deep work she engaged in enabled her to gain depth in every relationship – from being ready to get married to being open and honest with family and creating space for difficult conversations where required. Her transformative experience with Morgana has impacted her daily life immensely:

‘Everything has changed completely. I’m excited every day, I wake up, I’m excited… I have beautiful clients…And every day I just know what to do. Before I was so lost. I have this clarity now that I know how to show up for my clients…I know what tools I can give them when they need it. And there’s just this clarity that makes it so every day I’m not just wasting time. I’m doing things that actually make an impact.’

Overall, Nicole could not speak more highly of her experience in Morgana’s coaching programme and the huge gains she manifested within just six months. Taking this personal healing and acceptance of her story into her business model has left Nicole in an incredibly positive, highly productive and genuinely happy space of abundance from which she can now serve others in her own hugely successful and flourishing business. As Nicole summed up:

‘The word transformational, I just feel like it’s not strong enough because over the six months I healed so many parts of myself. I found wholeness in ways I didn’t know I could possibly find.’

What’s Next for Nicole:

Nicole finally sees a path of unlimited potential ahead for her, she understands who she is and what she really wants:

‘One of the things that I think is so important is that I have clarity. Before, I would work on something and then do something else, try something else. I never felt, like, aligned. But now I have so much clarity. I know. Okay, I’m going to scale to a mastermind. I want to do Ted Talks.’

Nicole gained so much from working with Morgana that she then chose to continue onto Morgana’s Accreditation programme. This enabled Nicole to further develop her own business through co-creation beyond the initial 1:1 work she engaged in with Morgana:

‘Being alongside Morgana in this group has helped me to feel more expansive in what I create and how I create, because there is this collaborative approach that we’re taking.’

With access to the diverse and impactful tools that Morgana guided Nicole through, Nicole is now able to further enhance her learning and understanding and hone her skills for her own business in a wonderfully cyclical fashion.

‘Morgana taught me about this and I co-create with my clients now and with other experts. And I think it’s a beautiful thing to be around that energy because we can do so much good and make so much impact when we do come together. And I’ve seen that work beautifully in the accreditation.’

For Nicole, the online community or ‘sisterhood’ that Morgana has engendered here is another hugely positive and powerful space. She advised that;

‘We’re there for each other. We talk about business, we talk about life…having that support and also being a part of something bigger really makes a huge difference.’

Nicole noted that although she had been in Mastermind programmes before with other entrepreneurs there is something special about this community created by Morgana in the depth of the relationships she has gained;

‘I know that is directly related to being in it with Morgana because she attracts those people who will go deeper and who are willing to have that space in their relationships, which is something that you don’t find everywhere.’

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How Dr. Morgana McCabe Allan Helped Anusha Arulvel free herself of guilt and blame

How Dr. Morgana McCabe Allan Helped Anusha Arulvel free herself of guilt and blame

Working with Morgana offered Anusha something that she didn’t know she needed but she soon recognised that having support – and Morgana in her corner – at pivotal moments in her journey enabled her to thrive:

With all of the uplevels Anusha was experiencing, Morgana’s interdisciplinary approach incorporating mindset and inner healing, was exactly what she needed:

“I’m sharing a win, I made more money this week in my business than on any other offer last year. And it was so easy. This money river is flowing today! I’m only $700 away from hitting my new monthly goal and it’s only the 2nd of the month!”

Elena Saxton

Coach for Artisans

Morgana McCabe Allan is incredibly wise yet personable, revolutionary yet relational, and I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to be coached through mindset calls with her. I will be hearing her words in my head for years to come!

Danielle Bettmann

Host of Failing Motherhood Podcast

“I signed my first client!! {…} I showed up on the call fully present, gave her everything I could and I told her I want to offer her a 3 month package where I will honour the free sessions I had posted about within the price point. And she signed up! 🙂 “