Remember who you really are

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Imposter syndrome is the consequence of forgetting who you really are

It’s time to REMEMBER

You are not

What you want from tomorrow,

What you thought last week,

What you had yesterday,

Or the inner child inside, 

Still playing hide and seek.


You are not

What you think other people think of you

(Nor what they actually think).

Not the things you don’t know that you don’t yet know,

Not even the owner of your known things.

You are not

All the lost parts you’ve forgotten

In the deep darkness of shame,

The fears you hide of being judged

Or the doubts you dare not name.

You’re not incomplete.

You’re not your pain.

You’re not unlovable.

You’re not meant to be tame.

You’re not here to be seen and not heard.

Not here to be invisible. Or invincible.

But whole, vulnerable,

And indivisible

You are the unstoppable tide.

You are the deep flood of change,

That sweeps away wrongs.

You are immeasurable greatness.

You are infinite potential.

You are the universe’s song.

You are an edge-leaper,

A song-keeper,

A storm-bringer,

A story-singer.

And that gift that is life

is lived in being your own change-maker;

A weaver of new webs.

If not you, then who?

If not now, then when?

What if those others are waiting 

For the rising, beating

Revolution in your heart,

To call to them?

Who will you choose to be?

The shadow puppet, or the star?

Now is the time, Dear One,

To remember who you really are.


Dr. Morgana

Dr. Morgana McCabe Allan


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