Three Manifesting Mistakes You Need To Stop Making Right Now

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So you’ve tried manifesting? A bit of a hotch-potch? Scatter of different techniques for a little while each? And not really seeing the results to convince you that manifesting is real, even though you’d really like it to be, because you are SO ready to change your business and your life?

As someone whose worked with many women on manifesting the next level of their business and living their best lives, these are three of the most common misunderstandings and mistakes that I see coming up over and over again.

#1. Focusing on money instead of value

I get this, it is really tempting to want to manifest £10k like YESTERDAY! But it’s much easier to manifest not just that one £10k, but the next and the next, and the one after that, when you really put your heart into manifesting the YOU who can easily get their hands on £10K because you’ve increased the value of what you have to offer the world.

The good news is that this doesn’t have to mean taking courses and studying your ass off. We all have incredible value inside of us that we just don’t know how to bring out because it’s often challenging work that brings up a lot of baggage to deal with, and because it just isn’t how we are taught to think about ourselves.

But if you really work on growing the following, manifesting the money will just become a natural consequence of how you live your life

Learn to identify and capitalise on your existing zone of genius skills

Really connect to an incredible purpose that propels you to keep going, beyond what feels “safe” or “comfortable”

Invest in the skill (and it is a skill, because it’s a lot harder to convince yourself than you’d think!) of building evidence of your amazing value and gifts that YOU 100% believe and use that to fuel how you value your time and energy so that you get paid what you are really aligned with

#2. Not making all the links between belief and practice

This one is so tricky! It’s very hard to keep going with a practice when we aren’t sure it will yield results, and we definitely don’t feel like we are seeing any yet. We give up, because we don’t believe it’s working. But think about it this way… There was a time before you could walk, and thankfully you didn’t give up then!

Dr David Morgan says that “we make belief in the things we do,” highlighting how the very act of practicing something repeatedly builds our belief in its value. I take that even further in my research, to “we make OURSELVES in the things we do” because everything we do gives us back information about our capacities, qualities and limitations, which further shape what we do, sculpting us into “who we are”.

Law of Attraction basically comes down to “we get more of what we are” so the maths here is pretty much:

If we make ourselves in what we do, and we get more of what we are, what we do becomes what we attract more of! As is so commonly said in the entrepreneurs space “what got you here won’t get you there” and this is WHY.

It’s so important to move through the fear, instead of staying in it. It’s fear that makes us back away from trying something consistently and staying the course until we get results. Fear of failure. Fear of the unknown. Fear of disappointment.

On the other hand, when we learn the right way to grow out of fear, so that we are consistently upping our game to play bigger and bigger, then we see the results.

Remember, if it’s not overnight, it’s because the results we see now are coming from what we were doing some time ago. The results from what we are doing now might not appear for a while, but they ARE coming.

#3. Not manifesting all the way through to the end

OMG I am the worst for this, which is why I’ve done things like manifest an amazing new car that was exactly what I wanted, but that I couldn’t drive (seriously, I cannot park that thing forwards or parallel, it’s a reverse-parkin- only car for me). And why I manifested three amazing opportunities to speak at international conferences on three different continents, all within two weeks of each other, and then somehow managed to get pregnant and land my due date smack in the middle of those two weeks so that I couldn’t go to any of them.

What’s the deal? Like with #1, when you are manifesting an upgrade in your life you have to manifest the upgraded version of you! I needed to manifest the version of me who could drive that bigger car, and the version of me who had clarity about ALL her dreams and priorities, so that everything didn’t all arrive in one go. But I didn’t set my intentions and play my vision of what I thought I wanted all the way through to the end, or I would have put a lot more effort into being clear on who I need to be when my desires manifested.

Have you ever manifested something and it didn’t turn out the way you thought it would? Was it better? Or was it a lesson? Come join us in the Flawsome Abundant Entrepreneurs group on Facebook, and tell me all about it. <3


Dr. Morgana McCabe Allan


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